Yoga group

Power Vinyasa

A playful, energetic, and powerful class, Power Vinyasa provides a fantastic balance between form and flow for students of all training levels. You can expect to gain strength and flexibility along with body alignment and awareness. With classic poses and core conditioning, you'll feel challenged, recharged, and refreshed.

Ashtanga Vinyasa

A mix of synchronized breathing and progressive postures, Ashtanga classes provide you with an intense but purifying body yoga workout. You'll develop focus and patience as you increase your flexibility and an overall strength in balance. Classes are available for all skill levels with modifications made by to suit student needs.

Yin & Yoga

Reflection and meditation without tension or strain is exactly what you get with Yin yoga. Using a sequence of long-held poses, you'll gain introspection and move your body to a heightened state of physiological relaxation. It is a perfect way to cleanse your mind and body of anxiety, tension, and stress from the day.